On-Camera Technique
Wednesdays, 1-5 PM

Acting for Film classes focus on concrete tools that prepare actors to meet the technical demands of working professionally on camera. Students shoot under professional lighting set-ups and review their footage in class, focusing on a series of techniques  that help actors exude confidence and spontaneity.  Taught by Clark Middleton.

Beginning students will be assigned the steps and specific tools Clark has designed for rehearsal, homework, and performance. Work is displayed on a 50" plasma monitor during class, then played back via projector. All footage from class is then uploaded to a private server and available for download.

$300 covers four classes, paid in advance of the first class. Missed classes will not be credited to participants' accounts.

Recent Workshops Have Included:

Character and Self

Taught by Ewen Bremner - Using various texts including documentary transcripts, news stories and plays, we will explore and expand the opportunities to interpret material and grow characters. Over the course of these sessions, we will also explore the fundamental problems of being on stage and on camera by examining the actors' responsibilities to material, director, audience and self.

Character and Self II: Build Your Own

Taught by Ewen Bremner - Building on the fundamental principles explored in Character & Self 1, actors will create original characters from the ground up, drawing on a unique and diverse set of references to explore characters with their own history, conscience and agenda. Using both scripted and unscripted material, such as documentary transcripts and news stories, we grow and live with these characters and explore their limits. An evening screening series will supplement the workshop.

Director's Workshop

Taught by Ewen Bremner - Directors will work with actors and trouble shoot common problem areas of communication. Look at how best to get what you need from your actors and engage their collaboration and creativity in the most optimum ways. The workshop aims to experiment with different approaches and ideas as well as share well seasoned practical experience. It will involve scripting scenes for your actors and/or working in conjunction with participating writers.