Page Poetry Parlor

Page Poetry Parlor, curated by poet and editor Lee Ann Brown, explores contemporary poetry in performance and has featured such luminaries as Jerome Rothenberg, Ariana Reines, Dan Machlin, Serena Jost and Cecilia Corrigan, as well as celebratory tributes to the works of Stacy Doris and Robert Burns. The Parlor’s 2013 season launches in September.
Lee Ann Brown is the author of Polyverse (Sun & Moon Press) which won the New American Poetry Series Award, The Sleep That Changed Everything (Wesleyan University Press) and the forthcoming In the Laurels, Caught which is volume 1 of NC Ode and won the Fence Modern Poets Series Award, as well as an artist book collaboration with Karen Pava Randall, Bagatelles for Cornell (propolis press). Brown is Associate Professor of English at St. John’s University and performs her poetry internationally. Recordings of her work can be found at PENNSOUND at the link above.